Tournaments, New seats Oh my!

The last 7 days in project wonder we have had a field trip, a tournament and new seats. First, the field trip, we went to a ski resort to snow tube. It was pretty fun but someone broke their leg which made it arguably worse. Second the tournament, we had a Minecraft tournament as a reward for a vote and everyone most likely had fun. I was not in it though. Lastly, new seats! We got new seats this week and my seat will definitely help me focus. Next week I hope to finish my reliable sources level 2.

Whirlpools and six headed monsters!

This week in PW we did a whole lot of independent study. For me I mostly did my eras of history unit but that is just about. so I will explain what I have done for the unit. For now it is based all on ancient Greece. I have done some research on the strait of Messina and the two greater evils (Charydbis and Scylla) and why the empire started. Also, I switched from podcasts to this blog because I really didn’t like recording my voice. Next week I hope to finish level 2 of eras of history and start level 3.